GLAZ S/A is the result of the union among Glaz Entretenimento and Copa Studio. With more than 80 hours of audiovisual content produced. The company has a successful record in movie theaters and TV. Among its nine features released, four reached the Top 10 grossing among Brazilian films, successively, between 2013 and 2016 – highlighting the 3.8 millions of audience in “Crazy to Mary”, getting it as the seventh biggest national profit of all times. On pay TV, the animated series “Jorel’s Brother” and “Haunted Tales (For Wicked Kids)” were the audience leaders in the children’s segment, shown by Cartoon Network. The TV Department focused in live action contents was implemented in 2015, and has already coproduced with Globo the series “Cine Holliúdy” (release in May, 2019), the series “13 Songs to Understand Samba” and now is producing the series “Shoptudo”, “Pushing Down”, among others in development stage. The group has a production company in São Paulo and an animation studio in Rio de Janeiro. The company has been working with distributors, co producers, and TV channels like Buena Vista, Cake Entertainment, Cartoon Network, CineBrasil TV, Downtown, Fox, Globo Filmes, Paris Filmes, Sony Pictures, Telecine, TV Bandeirantes, TV Brasil, TV Cultura, Vitrine Filmes, Galeria, Warner Channel.



Rua Aimberê, 1073. Perdizes. São Paulo/SP