2011 DRAMA
Distribution: Sony, Columbia

Jeferson De

Caio Blat
Jonathan Haagensen
Silvio Guindane
Cassia Kis
Ailton Graça
João Acaibe
Gustavo Machado

Capão Redondo, São Paulo’s neighborhood. Macu (Caio Blat), Jaiminho (Jonathan Haagensen) and Pibe (Sílvio Guindane) are friends since childhood and followed different paths when they grew up. Jaiminho became a soccer player, reaching fame. Pibe lives with Cláudia and has a son with her, having to work hard to pay the bills. Macu joined the criminal world and is involved in the set up of a kidnapping. A surprise party organized by Sonia (Cássia Kiss), Macu’s mother, make the three friends reunite again. In the midst of happiness, the crime shadows threat their friendship.



Rua Aimberê, 1073 – Perdizes – São Paulo/SP


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