2019 DRAMA
FORMAT: 10×25′
GENRE: Comedy

Coproduced by GLOBO

Edmilson Filho, Leticia Colin, Matheus Nachtergaele, Heloísa Perissé, Carri Costa, Solange Teixeira, Falcão, Cacá Carvalho, Gustavo Falcão, Frank Menezes, Chico Diaz, Miguel Falabella, Ney Latorraca, Tonico Pereira, entre outros.


This is the story of a good “filmmaker”, that maintains its theater – the only cultural attraction in Pitombas – with pride and dedication. A guy that was born to solve problematic issues of life, Francis didn’t expect the arrival of an opponent for his business. The responsible for this novelty is the mayor, Olegário, a politician that is afraid of his wife, Socorro, desires, than to let the city hall indebted. So, he decides to do what the first lady asked and brings a television to the city. While people gets together in the square to watch the soap opera in the new equipment, Francis watches his theater gets empty. Then he gets down to business, as a way to make it more attractive, so he’ll do whatever it takes, even if he needs to create the oeuvres and face aliens, wraiths and a lout in his patch.



Rua Aimberê, 1073 – Perdizes – São Paulo/SP


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