2014 | COMEDY
Distribution: Fox Film do Brasil

Vitor Brandt

Marcos Veras
Júlia Rabello
Rafinha Bastos
Bento Ribeiro
Antonio Pedro
Thammy Miranda
Babu Santana
Alexandre Frota
Bruno de Luca
Victor Leal
Daniel Furlan
Rafael Studart

The cop Jorge Capitão (Marcos Veras) is a skilled BOP captain and a Brazilian idol. But after he save the best Argentine soccer player, on the eve of World Cup, he became the nation public enemy number 1. Expelled from the corporation and discredited by the people, the Captain needs to relearn how to work as a team and avoid the attack against the Pope in the championship’s final. That’s when kicks in the sex shop’s entrepreneur Bia Alpinistinha (Julia Rabello), a medium (Bento Ribeiro), and his crazy mother (Alexandre Frota).


Rua Aimberê, 1073 – Perdizes – São Paulo/SP


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