2015 | COMEDY
Distribution: Downtown

Roberto Santucci

Ingrid Guimarães
Tatá Werneck
Suzana Pires
Márcio Garcia
Fabiana Karla
Edmilson Filho
Guida Vianna
Camilla Amado
Alice Borges
Charles Paraventi
Rogério Fróes

Malu (Ingrid Guimarães+) is 40 years old and works as Samuel secretary (Márcio Garcia), the love of her life. Despite of 3 years dating, there is no sign that a wedding proposal is coming. One day Malu realizes that some condoms are missing in her boyfriend’s personal stockage and so she deduces he has a lover. After hiring a private investigator, she finds out two other women in Samuel’s life: the nightclub dancer Lúcia (Suzana Pires) and religious fanatic Maria (Tatá Werneck). Of course the three of them will dispute their lover’s preference.


Rua Aimberê, 1073 – Perdizes – São Paulo/SP


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