Distribution: Cine Brasil TV

Pedro Arantes


When he disappeared, in the 70s, Lula was a guerrilla man of National Liberation Action. Rolindo was fighting for the recovery of his Guarani’s original land, in Mato Grosso do Sul, the day he disappeared. Paulinho was on probation in May of 2006 when he left home and didn’t come back. Felipe got out one night to visit a friend, but didn’t come back home.

Lula, Rolindo, Felipe and Paulinho aren’t alive or dead, they are missing. They got disappeared. Suspended existence, out of time and space. Their existences pass through their mothers, fathers, sisters. Their relatives. They search, call, evoke. They exist together.


Rua Aimberê, 1073 – Perdizes – São Paulo/SP


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